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Over 200 years ago, our Founding Fathers preserved our right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. We join them in that fight more than two centuries later by financially supporting organizations that continue to protect our Second Amendment rights.

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Buy Varget Powder In Stock

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The performance of gunpowder is also affected by two other considerations, its composition – i.e. the proportions of saltpetre, sulphur, and charcoal – and its physical state – basically the size of the particles into which it is formed. This physical aspect of gunpowder has been the cause of much confusion by modern writers when referring to medieval and early modern gunpowder

The legacy of Hongwu could be stated as a balance between alliances with steppe Mongolians that became auxiliaries to the Ming state through the appointment and tributary relationships and aggressive military campaigning to maintain Ming dominance on the steppe.

The Great Wall of China is the legacy of the Ming dynasty, but its founding emperors would have been shocked by the changes along the northern frontier. Hongwu and Yongle’s military strategy—offensive military campaigns into the steppe—was similar to the Yuan strategy of controlling the steppes. The Yuan was able to control the steppe by bringing “the wealth of China to bear on the steppe.

Varget Hodgdon

Gunpowder is made by a simple mixture of powdered saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal. Meal powder Gunpowder is made by first mixing the dry, powdered ingredients. These are then dampened by adding water or other liquid, for example, alcohol, and further ground together. The resultant paste is then dried and finally ground up into a fine powder Fine incorporated powder Gunpowder is made as for meal powder but when wet it is formed into small granules or corns before it is dried Coarse incorporated powder Gunpowder is made as for meal powder but when wet it is formed into large granules or corns before it is dried.

Raw materials

The raw sulphur was acquired on a visit to Iceland by Peter Vemming and Jens Christiansen in March 2002. This raw material was brought back to Denmark and purified. It was heated in an oil bath to approximately 150oC. A simple metal sieve, similar to a tea strainer, was used to skim off the scum that formed as the material melted until the resultant material appeared to be clean. The molten sulphur was then poured through a cloth held in a metal sieve into a small mould
approximately 70 mm in diameter. When the first cast the sulphur appeared a dark lustrous yellow. With time this changed to a dull paler yellow colour.


Charcoal was produced at the Medieval Centre by the traditional method of burning wood without oxygen in a clamp. The wood chosen was alder.

Buy Varget Powder In Stock

We have both smokeless powder and black powder. Smokeless powder is most commonly used for shotshell and metallic reloading, while black powder is used for muzzleloading firearms and black powder cartridge rifles. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s load data. Primers are available in a variety of sizes and types. Many small pistol primers as well as large pistol and rifle primers are available online while some are only available in our store. varget hodgdon, varget hodgdon

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Powder preparation

Rough powder (dry mixed gunpowder) The separate components, as described above, were weighed in the proportions needed for each type of powder and simply mixed together using a sieve and large pieces of paper. The powders were swirled and mixed for approximately 1 – 2 minutes.

Meal powder (wet mixed gunpowder) A few grams of alcohol, (40%) were added to a dry mixture of the Marcus Graecus powder and this was ground in the mortar for about 10 minutes. This powder was then spread in a thin layer on aluminum trays and dried for 36 hours. The resultant dry powder was then ground up into a fine powder.
150 g of each type of powder was prepared. A small portion, a few grams, of each recipe was tested by applying a lighted match in order to check that it would ignite. The required amount of each type of powder, as in the firing schedule, was then weighed into small plastic containers ready for the test firings.

For each test the following loading procedure was carried out:
1. A piece of commercial priming fuse was inserted into the touch hole and held in place.
2. The prepared gunpowder charge was tipped into the muzzle of the gun
3. The powder was gently tamped down the barrel with a wooden dowel
4. The lead ball or arrow was inserted into the muzzle and forced down the barrel.
5. The lead ball or arrow was hammered home down the bore using a wooden mallet

Powder Winchester Rifle

The replica gun used in these experiments had a slightly larger bore than the replica used in the earlier experiments and for which the lead bullets were made. This meant that they did not fit so tightly in the barrel and this might have affected the ranges we obtained.

The second general point is the variability of the results. For example the tests with Marcus Graecus powder gave results of 68ms-1 and 133ms-1. Whether this was due to variability in the powder and its mixing or in the way that the gun was loaded is impossible to be certain and needs to be investigated further. The results for the commercial powders are more consistent and this might indicate that the problem is with the mixing of the powder – a view also supported by the more consistent results of the wet incorporated Marcus Graecus powder

The results for the wet incorporated powder indicate that it was slightly more powerful than the equivalent rough powder and also more consistent – both results which are reflected in contemporary literature. The two low nitrate powders, Lille and Rouen, gave considerably reduced muzzle velocities. However their ability to propel the arrows was remarkable – the result of tests 15 and 16 show
reasonable muzzle velocities of 63 and 87 ms-1.


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