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At Modernarmz.com, we’re passionate about two things – our customers and our freedom. We are committed to providing excellent service and doing our part in preserving liberties like the Second Amendment. That is why we are known as America’s Pro-Freedom Ammo Source, and that is what sets us apart from the rest (as well as some of the cheapest ammo online).

We Support Freedom

Over 200 years ago, our Founding Fathers preserved our right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. We join them in that fight more than two centuries later by financially supporting organizations that continue to protect our Second Amendment rights.

After placing your order, choose from a hand-picked list of pro-freedom organizations including the NRASoldiers’ AngelsHomes for Our TroopsSecond Amendment Foundation, and more. We will donate 1% of your total purchase to the organization of your choice – at no cost to you.

We Make Purchasing Easy & Secure

When buying ammo online, easily search by manufacturer or caliber. As you browse our inventory, whether it’s imported or American ammunition, you’re seeing the exact quantity we have on hand. We don’t back order, play games, or make promises we can’t keep. What you see is what we have – at some of the best ammo prices online.

Once your cart is full, checking out is completely secure. The Ammo.com check-out system is fully PCI compliant, featuring bank-level SSL encryption. No one – not even in our company – is able to access your credit card information.

  • In an effort to contribute to the fight for our Second Amendment rights, we support a pro-freedom organization with every purchase! Every time you place an order, YOU get to choose who gets 1% of your purchase – all at no cost to you. Choose from organizations like the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Homes For Our Troops. Check out our Freedom Fighter list to decide which charity will get your support.
  • Looking for ammo can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made shopping easy by organizing our massive inventory into categories like handgun, rifle, rimfire, shotgun, and ammunition brands – all at the best ammo prices. Finding what you need has never been easier. And since our ammo for sale online is what we have ready to ship in our warehouse, purchases generally ship same day when ordered by 3:00pm Eastern.
  • Here at Modernarmz.com, we’re more than online ammunition. We’re as passionate about our customers as we are about the Second Amendment. That’s why we are committed to arming you – both physically and philosophically. As America’s Pro-Freedom Ammo Source, we understand the importance of the individual right to defend against aggression and oppression. Visit our Resistance Library for articles on the history and liberties of the United States. Or if you’re a blogger who shares our passion, join our tribe of firearm owners – People of the Gun.

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Bulk Primers In Stock For Sale

Bulk primers and gun powder in stock. Your order is shipped immediately through USPS, UPS, FeDex or DHL etc after payment is confirmed and a shipping tracking number will be provided to you which you will use to track your order until its delivered.

Modern Arms is The Best Place To Buy Primers and Reloading Gun Powder Online with Guaranteed Shipping.

Looking for a safe and secure place to buy primers and gun powder online? We are the solution to your problem. You can mail-order primers in stock 2022, powder for sale, buy high ammunition online from our catalog and get a safe and discreet delivery.

Powders & Primers

Reloading powder is available as smokeless powder and black powder. Smokeless powder is most commonly used for shotshell and metallic reloading, while black powder is used for muzzleloading firearms and black powder cartridge rifles. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s load data. Primers are available in a variety of sizes and types. Many small pistol primers as well as large pistol and rifle primers are available online while some are only available in our store.

Shop for Reloading Primers online at Modernarms

Reloading primers are for sale every day at modern arms. You can buy these reloading supplies by browsing our menu. Primer is the component of ammunition that reacts chemically when struck with enough force to produce the heat that ignites the propellant charge which in turn launches the bullet. Handloading or reloading enthusiasts like to assemble their own rounds, including primer, in order to achieve more accurate rounds or simply to save money on ammo. So if you’re looking to buy reloading primers or reloading equipment, keep your orders coming.

Buy Primers Online. Modernarmz  is your Reloading Superstore.  We have in stock all brands of primers because we offer great service and wholesale prices.  Brands include CCI, Federal, Remington, Winchester, Schuetzen, and Cheddite.  Whether you are reloading for handgun, rifle, shotshell, or muzzleloading, we have what you need.  We pack powder and primers together in one box for one hazmat fee.   Whether you’re looking for one thousand or bulk primers we have you covered.  We carry all of your reloading needs including Reloading Powder, Primers, Bullets, Brass, and Reloading Equipment.